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Podcasts 66 - 77
Wiccan Picnic, ATCs, The Power of the Voice, Familiar Sayings, Linking,
On Depression, African Violets again
66 - Computing and The Wicnic
When computers were new at the office and, also, the Pagan Wicnic (Wiccan Picnic)
67 - Photoshop and Artist Trading Cards (ATCs)
While learning the intricacies of Photoshop I apply the knowledge attained to a new hobby Artist Trading Cards
68 - Voices
On the power of the human voice in radio and in war gaming.
69 - Familiar Sayings
"Do you think the rain will hurt the rhubarb?" was a familiar saying back in my hometown of Chatham, Ontario.
The joke answer was "Not if it's in cans!" I'm remembering here familiar sayings from my own and other families.
70 - Random Acts
I have witnessed random acts of psychological violence from time to time.
71 - Soul Beliefs
A Coursera course from Rutgers on Soul Beliefs caused me to re-examine my own beliefs
72 -  On Depression
A trip backwards in time to describe depression and those I've know who have had it.
73 - The Crash
Not the Stock Market but my Hard Drive
74 Insulin and Me
Sugar Blues - How I came to terms with Diabetes II
75 - Why I Don't Buy African Violet Show Plants
All it's efforts have been thwarted until that special Countdown-to-Show clock begins ticking and they are finally allowed to bloom. They will never be this perfect again.
76 - Kobo vs Kindle
This Podcast is comprised of comments from a discussion thread amongst my long time Computer person Beer Matinée group EMCC.
The debate was between the Kindle and a Kobo e-readers.
77 - Small_Things
Sometimes it's the little things that count.