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Podcasts 22 - 32
A Smelly Ghost, Radical Days, More Ghosts, More New York City,
World Radio, Christmas Memories, War Gaming and River Road
22 - My Father, William Fricker
A family secret and stories of WWI and WWII. Leap castle and a smelly ghost
23 - My Radical Days
My Anarchist days in New York City and later, in Toronto
24 - Ghosts
How I came to haunt myself and other ghost stories
25 - The Russia Trade
This Podcast is about running a website for the Canada Russia Business Forum
26 - NYC and Bitsy the cat's cartoon-like escape
In New York City my cat narrowly escapes a hot bath. Introduced, suitably enough given the current headlines, by a blues number involving tenements and bedbugs. Song
"Tenement Blues" © Sonia Brock
27 - New York City, Junkies and Narrow Escapes
New York City's Lower East Side in the '60s was kind of rough and this Podcast reflects that.
28 - Listening In - Some Thoughts on World Radio
To say I'm a radio fan is an understatement. I listen in all kinds of ways. Sometimes I lose track of how many ways I listen.
29 - Christmas Memories
Lincoln Logs and Pickup Sticks and a private audience with Santa Claus in the snow
30 - Day of the Brain Dead Mall
A mild rant on the working life of the marginally intelligent  
31 - War Games
I am a war gamer on and off the Net. This is a look back on this area of fun and games.
32 - River Road
Towards the end of WWII we lived on River Road in Chatham, Ontario.   
This is the story of how I saved my sister from a ferocious sow who was defending her piglets. Here also is the sad tale of Rooster Booster and more.