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Podcasts 11 - 21
Jazz, African Violets, Martial Arts, CB Radio, Port Dover in the 1920s, Relations,
Reunion of Victoria Spivey & Lonnie Johnson,
Working for the Government
11 - How I Almost Became a Folk Musician
That Christmas I had been given a ukelele, an instrument made popular at that time by a TV host called Arthur Godfrey. I discovered that folk music consisted primarily of three chords and, guess what? I knew three chords on the ukelele!   
12 - My Mother's Grandmother - Mary Faulkner
A trip back in time to 1915 or thereabouts from my mother, Phyllis Fricker's memoirs
13 - Port Dover in the 1920s, plus some perilous excursions
Family Life in the 1920's in Port Dover and St. Thomas, Ontario - with some perilous escapes!
14 - Aunt Clara and Uncle Bill
15 - CB Radio Days
Early adventures in radio. Dungeons and Dragons over the CB Radio.
16 - Reunion of Victoria Spivey & Lonnie Johnson at Gerdes Folk City in NYC
The 60's folk boom and a magical reunion of two great blues artists
17 - Chatham Stories
Chatham was a city of 30,000 souls. more rural than urban, if truth be told. The number 30,000 was very important since it defined Chatham as a real city and not just a town.
18 - Working for Ma Gov
Some tales out of school about working for the Canadian Federal Government
19 - Martial Arts, eh
I signed up at a Tae Kwon Do gym. Now started a rigorous physical regimen unfamiliar to my sedentary office body. It was like paying to join the Marines.
20 - African Violets, Tough Love
This Podcast is about growing African Violets. You have been warned
21 - Traditional Jazz, Vince Hickey and the Blues
Getting started in traditional music