I was born in Chatham, Ontario, Canada in 1937. My mother, an American, was a housewife. My father would soon be going off for his 2nd war (WWII) as a bombing and gunnery instructor. He was in the R.A.F. in WWI, joining up when he was 16 years old.

I lived in Chatham from my year of birth until 1957. I lived thereafter for 8 months in Atikameg, Alberta on a Cree Indian Reservation where my husband was teaching. Later, we moved to Detroit, Michigan for a year (He was an American).

After that I lived in the Lower East Side of New York City for 13 years, before moving back to Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1972.

I am retired now from working as a Webmaster for the Canadian government. When not Podcasting I am an avid online war gamer in World of Warcraft.


I edited the code of an existing XML feed to create my own but there were bits I didn't completely understand, so I bought FeedForAll which made life easier.

To record and for editing I use Audacity  and Adobe Audition

Having given 10 speeches for Toastmasters I was pretty much at home with public speaking and this past experience also helped when I became a popular blues history guest on a local blues FM radio show BLUZ Fm with Danny Marks on where I've done 30 guest spots now.

I've lived a longish life and know a bit about entertaining so the rest is Podcasting history, so to speak.

A Storied Life by Sonia Brock

Born in 1937, Sonia Brock has lived a varied life from southern Ontario to northern Alberta bush country and from Detroit to New York City's Lower East Side. Her Podcast site with TRANSCRIPTS is called "A Storied Life".
She can be reached at

Podcasts 66 - 77
Soul Beliefs, Wiccan Picnic, ATCs, The Power of the Voice,
Familiar Sayings, Linking, On Depression, Sugar Blues, African Violets

Podcasts 55 - 65
Winter, On Aging, On gambling, Les Deux Megots in NYC, Stuff,
Angel Dust, Harassment, My Virtual Life, Crossing the Line

Podcasts 44 - 54
Radical Songs, Jazz in New York CIty, Family, Fortune Telling,
Knitting, Burlesque, Thieves and Rogues

Podcasts 33-43
Choirs, blues, Audience, Guild Wars. Vampires, Kropotkin,
Adopting a Radio Program, Sewing, Selling Online,
Fads and Food from the 50s

Podcasts 22-32
A Smelly Ghost, Radical Days, More Ghosts, More New York City,
World Radio, Christmas Memories, War Gaming and River Road
Podcasts 11 - 21
Jazz, African Violets, Martial Arts, CB Radio, Port Dover in the 1920s, Relations,
Reunion of Victoria Spivey & Lonnie Johnson,
Working for the Government

Podcasts 1 - 10
Magick, Cloth Dolls, My Prison Pen Pal, Computers,
Atikameg(1956), New York City, Chatham



My Family
My Mother's side of the Family

My daughter is a professional stained glass artist.
This is her site

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